Brazillian Blowout

Hair Smoothing & Straightening

In need of smoother and straighter hair? Joulie Medosch was the 1st stylist  in La Jolla to train on the Japanese straightening/smoothing system.

The Brazilian Blowout  is best for those with frizzy, damaged or processed hair. The downside to the Brazilian Blowout is that it only lasts 10-12 weeks, and if you already have relatively straight hair, it will make it look a bit flat.

Keratin Straightening through Keratin Complex is another popular form of straightening hair. It uses Keratin to fill in the gaps of the hair cuticle, adding shine, strength and smoothness. The treatment has a longer-lasting result than the Brazilian Blowout. 

Japanese Straightening is the longest lasting. Also known as thermal reconditioning, it is the treatment for women who want absolutely straight hair. Come in for a consultation to see what is the best choice for your hair.
Hair Smoothing & Straightening