Professional Hair Coloring Services

Hair Highlighting | Balayage | Hair Color Correction

There is no one right way to color hair. There are many ways to get the color you are looking for. As a master stylist that specializes in hair coloring, Joulie Medosch can get you the results you're looking for. After a quick consultation, Julie will know what your vision is and how to achieve the result you're trying to achieve. She will share her approach with you and begin to give you the beautiful hair you've been wanting. If you're in need of hair coloring services around the UTC, Pacific Beach or La Jolla area; Joulie Medosch is the professional stylist you want to call.

Hair Highlighting

Do you need hair highlights in the Pacific Beach, UTC or La Jolla area of San Diego? Then you're visiting the right place. Joulie Medosch is a master stylist and national educator for a variety of hair-coloring techniques. She teaches others how to color hair. That means your hair will be in trusted hands.

Hair highlighting can be done several ways. The most common form is through using foil. The foil allows your stylist to separate the strands of hair and to color them at a tone lighter than your hair.

Another hair coloring method is to paint the hair. The most popular of which is Balayage. Call Joulie to book an appointment for your highlights today!


Currently, Balayage is one of the most popular methods of highlighting your hair. Balayage is a technique where your stylist paints onto your clean, styled hair. It really is an art form, and one that requires a lot of patience and experience. Fortunately, Joulie's tenure and background as a master stylist means that you will be in great hands. In French, Balayage means "to sweep". In usual circumstances, the dying of hair happens horizontally, and the brush is run through the hair to cover the front and the ends of the hair strands. With Balayage, your stylist sweeps the brush vertically, with the goal of only coating the outermost layer that sees the sun. That's how the sun-kissed effect is created.

Joulie has customers that come from all over San Diego to have Balayage done. She primarily caters to the Pacific Beach, UTC and La Jolla areas.

Hair Color Correction

There are times where we try to save a few extra dollars by coloring our own hair at home. Unfortunately, the results often do not look like the images on the box. Sometimes the stylist that you have been using may not have the experience needed when it comes to coloring hair. And so again, you're left with a hair color you really don't want.

When this happens, you can contact Joulie for a color correction appointment. She will take a look at what you've done and what you wanted to do, and will ultimately get you to your desired hair color. Whether the color you ended up with is too light, too dark, too dull, or just plainly the wrong color; Joulie is the person you want to see. She currently provides color correction services to the San Diego area.

Hair Smoothing and Straightening

In need of smoother and straighter hair? If you live in San Diego, or the Pacific Beach, UTC or La Jolla areas, Joulie Medosch is the master hair stylist you should visit.

The Brazilian Blowout is the newer of the three popular treatments. The original formula from Brazil had some harsh side effects. Thus, the formula has since then been modified using sister chemicals. The Brazilian blowout is best for those with frizzy, damaged or processed hair. The downside to the Brazilian Blowout is that it only lasts 10-12 weeks, and if you already have relatively straight hair, it will make it look a bit flat.

Keratin Straightening through Keratin Complex is another popular form of straightening hair. It uses Keratin to fill in the gaps of the hair cuticle, adding shine, strength and smoothness. The treatment has a longer-lasting result than the Brazilian Blowout and could last for as long as 3 to 4 months. But applying it takes more work and more patience.

Japanese Straightening is basically a reverse perm with permanent results. Also known as thermal reconditioning, it is the longest lasting treatment for women who want absolute straight hair.